Australian odyssey

I recently returned from a pretty fantastic trip to Exmouth, in Western Australia. It is somewhere I have wanted to travel to for several years due to the variety of fishing opportunities that abound in the area. With this in mind, a long-time fishing buddy of mine booked a trip almost two years agao, to fish with Jono Shales of Exmouth Flyfishing.

Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t as good as we hoped it might have been, with high white cloud making it very tough to see fish on the flats. As a result, we spent a lot of time fishing elsewhere, with a lot of success. Jono is a fantastic guide and through the course of the two weeks we spent with him, put us onto some great fish.

We caught a huge range of species including big golden trevally, longfin tuna, giant trevally, brassy trevally, queenfish, mangrove jacks and a black marlin. The latter I was lucky enough to catch in a day spent fishing the bluewater. We raised six marlin through the course of the day and the fish I caught came in hot on the teaser and switched to the fly perfectly! The fish of a lifetime.

The overall impression we went away with at the end of our trip was of a fishery with a staggering amount of different opportunities across several habitats, covering a huge area. I’m planning to write an article about the trip, but for the moment a few teaser pics (all courtesy of Jono Shales) are below.

On the website, I’ve added a new album to the gallery, from a trip to the far north of Sweden. These images are from the same trip I wrote about recently in The Field and the article is HERE. I also have an article out in the current issue of FieldSports Magazine, discussing the impact of flooding on fish. Pick up a copy in the shops now!


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Freelance photographer and writer, as well as an Orvis-endorsed fishing guide and host for fishing trips abroad.
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