Summer update

Over time I have written less and less blog posts. This is in part a reflection of how busy I have been over the last year or two and also because the way we communicate online (at least as I perceive things) has shifted away from blogs and on to social media. For this reason, I have set up a Facebook page for my photography and writing, which can be found here:

I hope to update this page a lot more regularly than my blog and it will also tie in to my instagram – just search for @tobiascoephoto I will still update the blog every now and then, but I expect it will be much more sporadic.

I have been away quite a lot the last few weeks, including a brief trip to Massachusetts (primarily for work, however I did fit in a couple of days fishing) and a very recent trip to Spain, chasing sea-trout on dries in the northern Spanish region of Asturias. The latter was a very interesting trip and myself and fishing friend Howard Day enjoyed some great sport.

I have also added a few more images to the website, from a trip that was (somewhat unbelievably) almost two years ago. Myself and a few other guys headed up to northern Norway to fish the fjords and we had a huge number of cod and pollack, with a few halibut thrown in for good measure. The images are on the main website, in the Norway gallery.


About tobiascoe

Freelance photographer and writer, as well as an Orvis-endorsed fishing guide and host for fishing trips abroad.
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