Autumn is here

My blog posts are getting further and further apart, but I regularly update my Facebook page ( and Instagram (@tobiascoephoto). Since my last blog post I have been out and about fishing a lot. This has included trips to Spain, Ireland and Mauritius, in the case of the last place to a remote atoll from the main island of Mauritius. At home I have got in plenty of fishing for bass, trout and the other typical UK species.


Nice bluefin from St Brandon’s atoll, Mauritius


A lovely bonefish landed on St Brandon’s atoll, Mauritius

Much as I love going overseas to fish, there is also some world-class fishing available here at home in the UK. I experienced a real red-letter day yesterday when I went out chasing perch on the fly with a good fishing friend. In the course of the day, we had almost 40 perch over 2lb between us (the majority I should add not caught by me!) with numerous fish over 3lb. Just incredible autumn fishing!




On a final note, I have not uploaded many new images to the website recently, however I have just put a load more images up from my last trip to New Zealand at the beginning of last year. You can check them out here:

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Freelance photographer and writer, as well as an Orvis-endorsed fishing guide and host for fishing trips abroad.
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